Modernization Specialists We specialize in mainframe modernization. We’ve done this and ONLY this for over three decades. Call us and hear what we can do for you. Call us now Modernization Specialists
No run-time license fees Our modernization projects are fixed price. We make life easy and charge no run-time license fees. Call us now No run-time license fees
Increased Performance,
Massive ROI
Our automated modernization solutions lead to considerable cost savings and bring heightened performance to the organization as a whole. Benefits to IT are just the beginning… Call us now Increased Performance,<br/> Massive ROI
Global Delivery Capability From Asia Pacific to North America, MSS has a 100% success rate with over 50 public and private sector modernizations. Get in touch today and tap into our experience… Call us now Global Delivery Capability

Our mission: To make transformational IT projects simple and painless.

We do this by applying industry-leading expertise and automated tools to the most complex modernization challenges our customers face.

Why Migrate?

Less risk and cost than Rewriting.

Preserves your mainframe application investments.

Modernized Environment opens world of opportunity.

Why choose MSS?

100% Verifiable success rate.

Fixed price costing, No run-time license fees.

Global Delivery Capability & Experience.

Why Now?

Extinction of mainframe support systems/languages.

Information explosion / Big Data.

Performance requirements increasing.

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